PSVC Crews Clear Second River Blockage

Work crews ventured into river on frigid Tuesday morning.

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission started began a large blockage at the Washington Avenue Bridge crossing of the cin Belleville near the entrance of Branch Brook Park on Tuesday.

Three to four large mature trees and branches, litter and debris were blocked the water flow, creating an obstruction to the three viaducts that allow the water to pass under the bridge, backing up the river during rain events and gathering more branches and debris creating a natural dam. 

PVSC crews cut the trees into manageable pieces and removed them with backhoe and placing them through a wood chipper. 

The wood chips are recycled and used in nearby PVSC projects.  

Jeff Mattingly January 29, 2014 at 12:18 PM
They should have employed the truck load of PVSC men that sit all day, every day, down at the strip mall, then on to Main St and then behind the bowling ally until it is time to return to the authority. This is year in and year out until retirement. I guess they are generationally removed from work, but not pay and benefits. You can see them driving around from here to there in their big yellow trucks going nowhere to do nothing at taxpayer's expense. It must be nice?


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