Local Gym Exercises to Help Sandy Victims

Krank Systems in Nutley invited more than 80 people to rise more than $2,000 in gift cards that were distributed to residents in need after Hurricane Sandy in Sea Bright.

Krank Systems, a gym in Nutley, is raising funds and planning a volunteer day to help the people of Sea Bright recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Krank is a strength and conditioning gym on Franklin Avenue that held an exercise event back on Christmas Eve morning open to their members and anyone else who wanted to participate, according to Pete Isip, owner and lead coach at the gym.

The event was free for participatants, but it was suggested that everyone donate a Master Card or Visa gift card donation to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy in Sea Bright. 

The event raised just more than $2,000, and the gift cards were distributed through the Sea Bright Borough Hall and Tax Collector Patricia Spahr.

The cards helped residents in need pay for meals and hotels, as most of them have been displaced and are paying both a mortgage as well as rental fees, according to Spahr.

"We always want to do things for our local community," Isip said. "With Hurricane Sandy, we have close ties both to the shore here and with our gyms in New York."

Spahr said the help from Kranks and so many other residents and companies have had a real efffect on Sea Bright.

"So many people and companies have been so generous from all around," Spahr said. "The gift cards have been, and continue to be, such an immediate help for food and to help pay for everything, from hotels to monthly rents and mortgages."

She said on Thursday that they were out of food cards and a woman came in and donated $300 in food cards to keep them going.

Thanks to so much help, Sea Bright is slowly moving forward.

"We're getting there, slowly but surely," Spahr said. "Residents have to raise their homes to new elevations, and some can't afford it, that's the hard part,  and some have no insurance." 

Krank is planning to hold another fundraising event at the end of February, and has pledged to continue assistance until they are no longer in need.   

Also, a Krank volunteer day is in the works, when Krank members and friends will go down to Sea Bright to assist in rebuilding, Isip said.

Nutley resident Loreen McCreesh took part in the fund raiser and said she is impressed with the efforts.

"I take classes there and think that what he is doing is pretty cool," McCreesh said. "All those that are supporting the cause are pretty great, too!"

Krank systems are "all about fitness aspects, from strength, power, running, bodyweight programmed in a way to make people better," according to the website.


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