Facebook Founder and Newark Schools Donor Mark Zuckerberg to Appear at Tech Event Tuesday

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose family still has ties to the area, is scheduled to give his first interview since the social media giant went public, insiders say.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will give his first interview Tuesday since the company went public, according to tech insiders.

The widely anticipated appearance will take place at "Disrupt SF" in San Francisco, according to TechCrunch's Eric Eldon. Nobody seems to know what Zuckerberg will say. According to Eldon, Facebook's IPO "raised $10 billion but left little extra for day-traders to bank on."

The native son of Westchester—born in White Plains, raised in Dobbs Ferry—is expected to speak 2 p.m. West Coast time. (5 p.m. East Coast). Locally, he has generated headlines by pledging to donate $100 million to Newark Public Schools.

Investors are watching to see whether the 1 billion-user website can generate long-term revenue, Eldon said.

Zuckerberg's father, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg —  — still , where he lives with his wife Karen. Once the elder Zuckerberg retires, he told Patch, the dentist hopes to work with his son on using some of Facebook's philanthropic funds to provide dental services to people who can't afford them.

Stay tuned for more Patch coverage of this story. 


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