Seasonal Haunted Attraction Back in Belleville

'Maim Street' is theme for this year's Halloween frights

The State Scare Haunted Attraction is back this year with an all-new “Maim Street” – a terrifying little thoroughfare built on the site of the old "State Processing Factory", recently shut down due to its evil activities. On Maim Street, visitors will find a creepy barber shop, butcher, pub, hotel and 5&10, run by 35 demonic workers who provide a memorable downtown experience.

Sponsored by the State Fair Halloween Superstore, “Maim Street” is located at 229 Main St., Belleville, adjacent to the superstore. Attraction starts at 7 p.m. and continues until midnight on weekends through Halloween, and finishing Nov. 3.

“State Scare's Maim Street is 30 minutes of pure unadulterated fear and unrivaled terror. Come and find out why shoppers are disappearing – shanghai-style – and Maim Street isn’t quite what it seems,” said Anthony Giordano, the special effects artist behind the haunt.
Come and explore 13,000 square feet of retail bliss. Drop in at Slab’s Butcher Shop, famous for its fine selection of choice aged raw meats, both animal and other cuts. Take a little off the top at Deep Cuts, a barber shop that specializes in the closest shaves around, but be wary of barbers with shaky hands. Pop into the Neverleave Pub, where bloody Marys are the drink of choice. Walk by the Five and Ten for a quick deal on some new items. Out-of-town visitors can take a room at the Clubbed Hotel, where the service is killer and more than just a mint can be found on your pillow in the morning.
Giordano brings his special effects talent from movies, TV and theatre, fashioning gruesomely realistic make-up and creating one-of-a-kind hand-made props and effects, including creepy antiques dating back to the 1930s. The State Scare team keeps a running tally of how badly they scare people and post it nightly on their Facebook page, State Scare: Haunted Attraction.

State Scare runs 7 pm to midnight on Oct. 5-7; Oct. 12-14; Oct. 18-21; Oct. 25-28; Oct. 30-31; Nov 1-3.  Regular entry is $20 per person ($2 discount coupons are available at State Fair Superstore or at www.statescare.com). Groups of 20 or more will receive a 20% discount off the regular price of $20  per person.
VIP tickets are $35 each, for all ages, allowing visitors to jump to the front of the line.  No coupons or group discounts may be used with VIP tickets.
The haunt holds a “Not So Scary Sunday Matinee” for kids, Sundays in October, from 4-6 pm.  The matinee is $8 per child 12 and under; any adult must be accompanied by a child.  Discount coupons are not valid during matinee hours.
All State Scare ticket holders will receive a 10% off coupon to the State Fair Halloween Superstore, located next door to the haunt, valid through October 15th. For more information about the haunt, visit www.statescare.com; or call (973) 450-1073. To learn more about the State Fair Halloween Superstore, visit www.statefairhalloween.com.


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