Top Headlines of the Week

Did you miss this week's news in Belleville and Nutley? Here's your chance to catch up.


Assemblyman Pushes for Tanning Bed Restrictions 

Assemblyman Ralph R. Caputo represents Nutley, the town with the tanning mom who came under fire for allegedly letting her daughter into a tanning booth. He wants to see tighter restrictions for underage tanning.


Sherman Sworn in on Nutley Board of Education 

After Steve Rogers got elected to the town council, the school board chose paralegal Brenda Sherman to fill in his unexpired term. Sherman ran for the school board before and says she can't wait to attend her first meeting.

Belleville May Ban Right Turns on Red Near School 

Members of the town council said they will push for a ban on right turns at red lights near School 8 because of the traffic congestion and safety concerns near the school. They say they hope to have the calming measure in place before school starts in September. 

Town Aims to Recoup Property Cleanup Costs 

Town officials will place a tax lien on properties that have to be cleaned up at the township's cost after property owners are warned that they are violating town and state laws to maintain property. 


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