Capoochinos, BAS Host Microchipping Event

Bloomfield Animal Shelter volunteers and pet owners joined forces on Saturday to make sure lost pets get reunited with their owners.


in Nutley and the Bloomfield Animal Shelter hosted a microchipping clinic on Saturday that drew pets and owners from Bloomfield, Nutley and nearby communities.

Though the festive mood of the event made it feel like a social occasion, the purpose of the event was more serious safety precaution for pet owners.  When an animal is microchipped -- a process that involves inserting a tiny computer chip under the animal’s skin -- the chip will be traceable if he/she ever gets lost.

“The animals’ owners can rest assured that if their animals are ever lost & then found, they will be reunited,” said Nancy Monaco D'Auria a volunteer at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter who was on hand at the event. 

Dr. Laurie Heeb, a Veterinarian with People for Animals in Hillside New Jersey, administered the “HomeAgain” microchips.  She was assisted by volunteer David Perez, also from People for Animals.

“Their calming and reassuring qualities kept the animals at ease, and in many cases surprised the owners with the effortlessness and quickness of the microchipping,” noted D’Auria.

.  Capoochinos owner Linda Cubellis, an animal advocate and Nutley resident, told Patch in April, “We just love the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.  I was always one for rescuing dogs.  I offered our place as a place they could use to raise money for the shelter.

Cubellis and co-owner Cathy Miller also offer CPR and pet glucose monitoring, dog-training classes and dog grooming instruction.

“Many thanks to Linda Cubellis for opening her doors on her day off and hosting for us,” said D-Auria.  “We had a terrific turnout. An assortment of cats, kittens, dogs & puppies, and over 25 people stopped by to say hello and be chipped, many with animals who've been adopted from our shelter.”

Outside the “Grooming Galleria,” several fundraising volunteers from the shelter greeted people and flagged down passing cars seeking donations for the NTNN Animal Support Fund, which aids sick and injured animals at the shelter.

Another microchipping event will be held Saturday, September 8 at the annual "Sound for the Hounds" Puppy Mill Awareness Concert in Brookdale Park.  

More information can be found on the Bloomfield Animal Shelter Facebook page.

See also information on the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner, "Pasta For Peep," which will benefit A Purrfect World, a non-profit organization that educates/assists shelters and communities in the care of stray and unwanted cats.  


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Karen Banda August 14, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Mandy's Groomers in Nutley, owned by Cathi, were big supporters of the Bloomfield Animal Shelter for years. Cathi groomed shelter dogs free of charge and donated thousands of dollars in cash and goods, along with supporting all fundraising events. It's a shame Cathi was thrown under the bus with so many other wonderful people who worked so very hard over the years for the Bloomfield/Bukowski Animal Shelter. Fundraisers are wonderful and necessary and God bless the people who put in all of that time and effort, but that's not all that's necessary for a successful animal shelter and most importantly happy, adoptable animals.
John Lee August 14, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Nutley contracted with Montclair a few years back for shelter and animal servies, so its only natural that a Nutley based groomer would put their support behind the Montclair Animal Shelter. The bitterness demonstrated by the volunteers who were shown the door does nothing to help the animals.
Karen Banda August 14, 2012 at 06:40 PM
John Lee, how would you feel if you gave over a decade of your life to an organization only to be thrown out? I'm talking about 5-7 days a week, 4-5 hours a day or more volunteering your precious free time to help animals no one cared about? It's only the last few months that the shelter is being cleaned by the staff. Until then if the volunteers (the "volunteers who were shown the door" as you put it) didn't clean cages, food bowls, water bowls, hose out kennels, feed and water the animals, walk the dogs and socialize the cats it didn't get done. How would you feel if you also gave hundreds of hours of your precious free time outside of the shelter finding homes for the animals, and rescues for the "unadoptables" to go to? How would you feel if you also spent thousands of your own dollars to pay for items for the shelter (litter, food, meds and other supplies) that vendors stopped shipping because the Health Department wasn't paying their bills? How would you feel if you paid thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to pay for veterinary care and surgeries when the Health Department wouldn't? How would you feel if, after spending over a decade working in a hell hole, watching it slowing and grudgingly brought up to par by the Health Department and it's now on the verge of being the animal shelter we all worked so hard to create and hoped and prayed for only to be "shown the door"? And have your character assassinated by your former colleagues and Health officials?
Karen Banda August 14, 2012 at 06:48 PM
How would you feel if one particularly vocal and visible volunteer was allowed to get you and your dedicated colleagues thrown out merely out of spite? How would you feel if the Health Department and township you worked so hard for, for so many years FREE, allowed it to happen? How would you like having the the chosen few (many of whom hate Karen Lore and Mike Fitzpatrick and just last August demanded the Board of Health fire them for mismanagement) tell members of the public that you were "evil" and the powers that be allow it to happen and continue? What also doesn't help the animals is not having volunteers there on a daily basis working with them one on one. As I said, fundraising is wonderful and God bless those who put in the time and effort. Many of us who were "shown the door" were original members of the fundraising committee until that one vocal and visible fundraising chair and her cohorts (with just over 2 years' service under their belts) sabotaged each of us one by one. We worked long, hard hours that first year for the first tricky tray, shaking cans at the ShopRite and QuickChek and supported the fundraising effort 100%. What really doesn't help the animals is people in charge in the Health Department and on the Board of Health who don't really know firsthand what is going on and don't care to find out. Who rely on innuendo and hearsay to base their decisions on. Who don't have any respect for the people who gave so much for so long.
Karen Banda August 16, 2012 at 02:37 AM
NJ SPCA just posted this on their FB page: "Message to Bloomfield Shelter Management : Tomorrow night at your meeting you have an opportunity to do the "right thing" and enter into an adoption agreement for the Pit Bull, Memphis. I am hopeful and confident that you will do the right thing for the animals and forget about the "people politics". Memphis deserves a chance to be adopted by Jeff Coltenback and you really need to do the right thing for Memphis. The outcome of tomorrow nights meeting will speak volumes about your shelter and the management of that shelter. If Memphis is allowed to be adopted all is good, if for any reason you deny that adoption than Capt and his "ARMY" will be standing by to protect Memphis. I actually am confident that you will do the right thing............Prove me right. Just sayin........Capt"


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