Letter to the Editor: Nutley School Board Race

Author makes a case for candidate Alan Thomas

Dear Editor:

Though eclipsed by the Presidential race, another very important election is for the three seats on the Nutley Board of Education.  This is the first time that the Board of Education election is being held in November and the first in which the budget is not being voted on .   Nutley’s schools face special challenges over the next few years: continued caps on budget growth, the loss of tax revenue and economic changes that are forcing many tough decisions regarding programs.  These are decisions that will affect the future prospects of the next generation of Nutley children.   It is more critical than ever that we elect candidates who will focus on the issues that will determine how well our children are prepared to compete in the tough global economy.

We are fortunate to have an excellent choice this November, Alan Thomas.  Mr. Thomas is already familiar to anyone who has attended Board of Education meetings over the last six years – he’s been at virtually every one of them.  Those who don’t know him by name will  recognize him as the man at the microphone,  familiar with all the district’s issues, the one who has had the courage to ask the really difficult questions, demand answers, and refused to be brushed off.  The citizens of Nutley have been lucky to have him as our voice. Mr. Thomas is obsessive about academics, insisting on policies that will insure that our children get the most effective preparation possible, and that our school district will continue on the path back to the reputation for excellence it once enjoyed.  He is also a strong proponent of using technology and 21st  century educational methodologies to enable us to provide a top quality education while living within the budget constraints.

In addition to these qualities, Mr. Thomas is dedicated to ensuring that the district follows the public bidding laws so that the district benefits from using the best and fairest practices for awarding contracts.   His experience as a successful practicing attorney, makes him uniquely qualified for insuring that our district acts according to the laws and regulations, and that we avoid some of the fines that have been assessed by the state in the past.
Though his son is grown,  Mr. Thomas remains passionate about the Nutley schools, and has been giving his time and effort to making them better for many years.  He has been an asset at the microphone at Board of Education meetings.  It will be even better to have him on the Board.  

Michael C. Recchione

Joseph Russonella October 11, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Mr. Thomas, Mr. Klein, and Mr. Georgetti are all good choices to replace the sitting board members. They are all intelligent and free thinking men. The would not violate the Public Trust. We need a change with new faces. We must stop the cronyism and the outside influences that exist. Please get out and vote on Nov. 6th for the three men I mentioned.
Suzanne Beadle October 12, 2012 at 11:50 PM
I agree that Mr. Thomas, Mr. Klein, and Mr. Georgetti are all needed on the Nutley BOE to improve the Boards goal of revitalizing our schools, as attested by the lawn signs in my front yard. Please be sure to vote. Suzanne Beadle
Joseph Russonella November 04, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Voters, tax payers, parents and grandparents of Nutley students please get out and vote on Nov 6 for the board of education election. Please cast your vote for Mr. Thomas, Mr. Klein, and Mr. Georgetti. We must remove the two sitting members who have wasted thousands of dollars in law suits against the board. Voted to hire friends which cost the tax payers thousands of dollars. They had the change to vote for people that would have safed the taxpayers over $200,000 with lower liability insurance costs and free medical attention to Nutley HS students and athletes at no cost or other benefits. Instead they continued there conyism and continued there hiring practices with total disregard for the tax payers. Please stop this and vote for the three new candidates. Please for the sake of all tax payers and students. Joseph Russonella


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