Spy vs Spy - Tonight!

Tonight Mayor Kimble and At-Large Councilmen Kennedy and Nicosia are hosting a "Petition Signing" event at the Chandelier from 6-9 with an open invitation to all Belleville voters and supporters to stop in.  Also, it is my understanding, that since that announcement was made public the Belleville Democrat and Republican Committees have scheduled meetings at the same time.  Coincidence, or are the two party chairs conspiring to unit against the Kimble ticket?  If that is the case, which I suspect it is, what kind of government can we expect from that would-be ticket?
Belleville Sentinel January 15, 2014 at 08:56 PM
As usual, you are spot-on with your analysis of Belleville politics! The Strumolo-Longo-Freda camp is being coordinated by Yanuzzi, who has a personal vendetta with Kimble and Nicosia, after they refused to make Escott the new Town Manager after Victor Canning was effectively pushed out of the position in 2012. If Strumolo-Longo-Freda are successful in displacing Kimble-Nicosia-Kennedy, Marie will then be able to appoint an interim successor to represent the 1st Ward. And this will then give the Yanuzzi contingent a 4-3 majority on the Council. And as bad as the Belleville BOE has been under the control of this same cabal, as the saying goes..."You ain't seen nothing yet" should the same group gain control of the Township. This is, unless, enough of us can convince you, Jeff, to run for Mayor.
Jeff Mattingly January 18, 2014 at 07:12 PM
Thanks so much Belleville Sentinel but, I am too busy trying to tread water in this recession/depression feeling economy. Times are too hard to stand for this type of abuse, let alone a towns people who work so hard to stay alive.


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