Belleville Firefighters Combat Blaze on Frozen Day

Firefighters reportedly couldn't use nearby fire hydrant because of cold weather.

475 Franklin Ave., site of Saturday housefire.
475 Franklin Ave., site of Saturday housefire.
A Patch reader shared photos and a report from a fire on Franklin Ave. on Saturday. 

The witness said that firefighters were on the scene quickly after neighbors called in the fire.

Despite the quick response, they were impeded by the day's cold temperatures. Reportedly unable to access a nearby frozen-over fire hydrant, they called in a fire engine with water to fight the fire. 

The Belleville resident offered Kudos to our firemen for their work on the bitterly cold day.  
Ben Coleman January 17, 2014 at 11:20 AM
Is that the first time they had a fire in cold weather?? This past weekend wasn't even that cold.


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