Bergrin Grills Agent During Lengthy Cross-Examination Thursday

Government alleges attorney helped arrange execution of government informant in 2004

Paul Bergrin continued his cross-examination of a federal agent who testified that the once prominent Newark defense attorney helped arrange the murder of a witness against a Bergrin client in 2004, NorthJersey.com reported Thursday.

Appearing in federal court in Newark, the 57-year-old Bergrin, of Nutley, focused on alleged inconsistencies in the evidence showing he had helped arrange the murder of Kemo Deshawn McCray on a Newark street in 2004. Bergrin was heard to have said “No Kemo, no case,” the agent testified.

At one point Judge Dennis Cavanaugh said he may have to limit the length of Bergrin’s cross-examinations, which Cavanaugh feared could force the trial to continue beyond its expected 12 to 14 weeks. But he also assured Bergrin he did not want to compromise Bergrin’s ability to examine witness.

This is the second trial for Bergrin, who faces nearly 30 charges including prostitution, dealing drugs and witness tampering. Bergrin’s first trial ended in a hung jury in 2011.


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