Bergrin Trial Begins Tuesday

Newark attorney, Nutley resident allegedly took part in the murder of witness against his client

The trial of Paul Bergrin, a Newark defense attorney and Nutley resident who prosecutors say urged the 2004 murder of a witness against one of his clients, began Tuesday in Newark, Nj.com reported.

Bergrin, 57, a former prosecutor who rose to fame both for his flamboyant style and his defense of US soldiers in the Abu Ghraib prisoner-abuse case in 2004, is also accused of narcotics and other charges. Prosecutors also say Bergrin was caught on tape in 2008 talking about the potential murder of a witness in yet another of Bergrin’s criminal cases with a gangland hitman. In opening remarks Tuesday Bergrin refuted that evidence, claiming he had been lying to the hitman.

This is the second time Bergrin is being tried. In 2011, the jury reached a stalemate, compelling the judge to declare a mistrial.


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