Nutley Police Chief Warns of Burglaries

Burglaries reported on Thursday and Friday.

In an alert to residents, Nutley Police Chief Thomas Strumolo has advised of recent burglaries and given tips on keeping homes safe. 
The full alert is below. 

All residents are advised there's been several burglaries throughout the township. The last one occurred on Friday, Jan. 17 on Bromley place and Joerg Avenue on Jan 16.

Most have been rear door entries, where the actor either forces the door or breaks the glass on the door to gain entry. Residents are advised to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

If anyone sees suspicious vehicles or people in their neighborhood they are asked to get as much detail as possible such as the lic plate number, color, description of any actors and report it immediately to police. If you see something suspicious say something.

The Nutley Police Dept. is taking all the necessary steps to apprehend the actors.Extra patrols have been added throughout the township.
In addition residents can take the following precautions to protect their properties:

  • Interior lights on timer when not home
  • exterior security lighting
  • deadbolts on all exterior doors
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery when away
  • Trim shrubs blocking windows
Mayor Petracco and Chief Thomas Strumolo encourage all residents to view the following neighborhood watch link to see how you can protect your home from burglaries.There's also a home security inspection checklist that residents can use to ensure your taking the necessary precautions.



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