Nutley: Vandals Throw Rocks at Several Passing Cars Along Kingsland

Group of youths seen by multiple witnesses

Nutley police received several reports last week of rocks being thrown into the street and at passing cars.

Around 7:20 on Feb. 4, a witness said he saw two males throwing rocks near Kenzel Avenue and Kingsland Street. About an hour later, a motorist traveling on Kingsland told police someone threw a rock at the vehicle’s windshield, cracking it.

On Feb. 6, three more motorists reported having their cars struck by rocks as they travelled on Kingsland. In the first incident, which occurred around 6 pm, the driver pulled over after the car was struck by a rock. The victim told police three or four male youths were seen in the bushes and told the victim they were playing a game of “manhunt.” Yet another motorist traveling on Kingsland near Kenzel Avenue said a side rear window of the vehicle was shattered, and a few hours later, around 8:30 pm, police returned to the area after yet another vehicle’s window was smashed. 

No suspects were arrested and the incidents remain under investigation.

Carol Ferraro February 11, 2013 at 05:58 PM
Passed by that area February 6th at approximately 6:30pm 2 youths sitting in the middle of the street just laughing at passing cars. Wasn't quite sure what they were doing. Thought to myself what jerks, as it was kinda dark and so unsafe. However, NO rocks thrown! Guess I was the lucky one...
angela February 13, 2013 at 05:02 AM
My husband and daughter were hit.. they were the car passing on feb.6th at 8:30pm. the whole window was shattered...they said it sounded like a bullet that is how loud it was... thank god nobody was hurt in any of the cars, by the rocks or from getting scared and losing control of the car. i hope they find these kids


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