Nutley Board Renews Trash Contract, Talks Sharing Costs

The Nutley Board of Commissioners looks at joining surrounding municipalities in negotiating a garbage contract as a group to save money, says problems can be solved.,

The Board of Commissioners agreed to extend the nearly $800,000, Nutley trash collection contract for another year, and renewing the option brought discussion of possibly joining other towns to get a lower group rate.

The governing body picked up the option on Jan.15 to use the same solid waste collection company through 2013, after discussion about the price being competitive. Officials also praised the quality of the service.

At the  Jan. 15 public commissioners meeting, Commissioner Steve Rogers brought the idea to the four other board members.

Commissioner Thomas Evans then questioned the entire process of negotiating a garbage contract.

“Do we know if any of the other towns, like say Bloomfield, are using the same hauler?” Evans asked.

Township Attorney Kevin Harkins said no such inquiries had been made.

Evans then asked if Nutley and other towns can negotiate a group rate.

Harkins said one problem would have to be settled.

“There could be a problem, where a truck crosses town border, and has so much of tonnage from us and then it mixes with the next town,” Harkins said.

Commissioner Mauro Tucci said the idea is worth considering and said problems could be solved.

“The problem of mixed loads we can track,” Tucci said. “It’s worth discussing.”

Several commissioners  said after the pre-meeting conference where the possibility was discussed that idea deserved further study.

Rogers said that exercising the option for $789,666 with Future Sanitation Inc. of Passaic to collect, remove and dispose of solid waste.

 The original three-year contract was awarded in May 2010 after being negotiated by then-mayor Joanne Cocchiola, who said at the time she was satisfied with the selection of the lowest responsible bidder using the competitive bid process required by state law, and the selection was made after a long and thorough process.

The contract contained a one-year option.

Rogers said, “This contact gives us good options, and they have been an excellent company.”

Commissioner Joseph Scarpelli said the Board of Education had chosen the same garbage hauler, and asked Rogers if he reached out to school officials.

Rogers said he is in the process of speaking to Nutley school officials about whether they will join the township.


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