Nutley Plans Support Group for Unemployed Residents

The Board of Commissioners meet Tuesday night and also approve a fiber optic company to come to town, a new salary for a recreation superintendent and a $310,000 fire truck.

The Nutley Board of Commissioners said Tuesday night they are reaching out to unemployed residents with a support group, while the board also approved three other major items.

The commissioners will allow a fiber optic company to install cables in parts of town, approved a salary for a new recreation superintendent that will save approximately $40,000 and approved the purchase of a new fire truck for $310,000.  

Commissioner Steven Rogers said the Public Affairs Department’s plan to assist unemployed Nutley men and women experiencing tough times they are facing, providing knowledge, shared experiences, networking and peer counseling.

Rogers said he hopes the support group run by public affairs employees forms a strong network of job leads and mutual positive reinforcement.

“This is a service we can offer to residents struggling to find work,” Rogers said.

Middle-income families have been especially hurt by the poor economy and layoffs, Rogers said, and he meets more people from Nutley discouraged by poor job prospects after losing jobs.

The group will focus on improving resumes, sharing interview strategies, and networking employment opportunities, he said.

Unemployed residents interested in joining the group can call the Department of Public Affairs at 973-284-4976 or email atedesco@nutleynj.org.

Also, commissioners discussed a request from Cross River Fiber of Summit to place “dark fiber” lines on specific streets in town still to be determined.

Cross River Fibers is a public utility company and officials described dark fiber as being like empty pipe laid by a plumber, with individual businesses able to use the empty pipe to run any company like Verizon or Cablevision through.

Commissioner Joseph Scarpelli said, “The company is asking permission, but legally we can’t say no.”

Township Attorney Kevin Harkins said the company was making more of “a courtesy call than a request,” adding that the fiber optic cable would not affect the town’s infrastructure and all of the work is done above ground.

Harkins said a resolution allowing Cross Rivers Fiber to come to Nutley will be ready for the November commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Mauro Tucci confirmed with company officials that township officials and residents might be able to tap into the cable, “so there is a potential for cost savings down the road.”

In other news:

  • Tucci also said that longtime recreation superintendent Thomas Pandolfi will retire from his post because of illness, and a new superintendent will be hired for more than $40,000 less.
  • The commissioners approved a bond ordinance totaling $310,000 to buy a new fire truck to replace the oldest truck in the department, which officials said is in poor condition.
billyubob October 17, 2012 at 01:47 PM


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