Property Tax Relief Expands for Seniors, Disabled

State, local officials announce help for Nutley, Belleville

With April 15 just around the corner, the Township of Nutley wants senior citizens and disabled residents to know that they may be eligible for additional tax relief.

According to a memo from the New Jersey State Property Tax Reimbursement Program, the income limits were raised for applicants – whether they are married, single or in a civil union.

The income limits allow claimants to earn $80,000 a year or less for 2010 and $80,000 or less for 2011.

The topic of taxes among senior citizens was recently raised at public meetings in Nutley and Belleville. Florence Pentol of Belleville said at a recent council meeting, “We’re all struggling to stay in our homes.” Her sentiments were echoed by Jack Magnifico of Nutley who said, “I appreciate any help I can get as a taxpayer.”

According to the state’s memo, the amount of the reimbursement is “the difference between the amount of property taxes that were due and paid for during the base year – the first year a person met the eligibility requirements – and the amount due and paid for during the current year” or the year the person is applying for the reimbursement.

The Township of Nutley passed on the information to its residents. Thomas Evans, Nutley commissioner and director of revenue and finance said, “I advised property owners that recent changes were made.”

Eligible residents must file a 2011 Property Tax Reimbursement Application, Form PTR-1 or PTR-2 by June 1, 2012, according to state officials.

Property owners can order an application by calling 1-800-323-4400. To ask questions, call 1-877-225-1312. Officials said property owners can check their status by calling 1-800-882-6597.

For additional assistance Nutley property owners can contact the Nutley Tax Collector’s Office at 973-284-4963. Belleville property owners can call 973-450-3300 and follow the prompts.



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