Recycle Your Hangers at Sunday's Farmers Market

Nutley Commissioner Joseph Scarpelli pushes recycling at the Farmers Market on Sundays.

The Township of Nutley is embarking on several environmentally-friendly projects and one of them is taking place this Sunday.

Visitors to the Famers Market at Nutley's Parking Lot 1 can recycle their hangers while shopping for fresh produce.

"Come out to this Sunday's farmer's market, enjoy the fresh food and bring your hangars, metal, plastic and wood," said Commissioner Joseph Scarpelli, director of the Department of Public Works, which coordinates recycling.

The market is located on William Street near the old Janette Shop, on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Oct. 28.

Along with hangers, recycling days for copy and fax machine ink cartridges is coming later this summer, according to Scarpelli.

Efforts to improve recycling long-term also continue, so residents can expect better collection of recyclable materials from their curbs later this year.

Nutley is buying a recycling truck that will make recycling pickups go faster and increase collection, said Scarpelli. He said the township earns money by recycling more.

"We get paid based on the amount of recycling we collect, and pay less in garbage collection, so we save in two ways," Scarpelli said.

The costs of the truck will be determined after the township goes out to bid, but should be in the $50,000 to $70,000 range, according to the capital improvement ordinance passed in June.

The costs of the truck are being paid from a grant, he said. "The money has to be used to enhance our recycling, and we built up enough to buy the truck," Scarpelli said. "The truck will go a long way toward improving the time it takes to collect recycling and increase the amount, since it is specifically built to carry the most tonnage possible, and is easier to load."

The three other trucks used for recycling are at least 20 years old, and the one to be replaced "is on its last legs," he said.

 The town will also sponsor a "Food fest" and an "Eco fest," where residents can visit booths for information about improving the environment. The programs are are part of GreeNutley Committee, a partnership among the township and businesses.

Jim Levendusky is part of the Nutley Historic Preservation Partnership, and said the group of more than 100 members 


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