What Do We Do With All of These Signs?!

With the election over, lawn signs can be recycled.

With the votes tallied and the results final from Tuesday’s elections, one big question still remains.  What do we do with all these lawn signs?

Most campaigns give supporters big lawn signs to show support for their preferred candidate.  Some elections can have thousands upon thousands of lawn signs posted.  After the election, most supporters are stuck having to dispose of these signs.

Now the simple answer would be to throw them away.  However, most lawn signs are made of corrugated polypropylene plastic, which is recyclable.  Corrugated polypropylene plastic is the same material used for plastic milk containers and detergent bottles. 

So to recycle your old lawn signs, just remove the metal stakes (also recyclable) and bring them to your nearest recycling center.  They should accept them with the plastics.


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