What's Your Favorite Bagel Place?

New Jersey residents love their bagels with a passion. Where do you get your favorite bagels?

Some people think of a bagel as just a plain old bread product in the shape of a circle and every bagel is the same.  However, New Jersey residents know that is just not true. 

A staple food of the state, bagels can come in all different types, sizes and shapes.  Some people like to have seeds on their bagel, such as sesame or poppy or the ever popular “everything bagel” which includes a mixture of it all.

Some people like their bagels to be sweet with chocolate chips or raisons or even blueberries.  Some like their bagels with a kick and buy the types with onions or garlic; a few places even make them with jalapenos.  Then there are the old classics such as pumpernickel and egg bagels.

Then there is the size and density of the bagel.  Some residents like their bagels to be fluffy, with lots of dough.  Some like them with less dough and a skinnier bagel with a rougher exterior.  Each place makes the shape of their bagel just a little bit different.

And of course, most bagels need a topping.  Cream cheese is the most popular and can come in multiple varieties.  Then there is butter, another classic bagel topping.  Some like their bagels to be part of a sandwich with egg salad or tuna salad.

So knowing that the different types and combinations of your bagel enjoyment is endless; Patch would like to know where the readers buy their favorite bagels and why.  If you don't see your favorite bagel supplier on the poll, add it in the comments section. We'll let you know the winner on Friday. And don't forget to vote. . . .

Natalie Thomas April 16, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I love Sonny's Bagels in South Orange, NJ on South Orange Ave.


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