Belleville School Board Looks at Field Trip ID's, Lauds Counselors

The Belleville Board of Education members will look at making sure children having their identifications while riding a bus to field trips, give special recognition to school counselors.

A parent's concern Monday night about students wearing their school ID's on buses during field trips spurred the Belleville school board to reexamine the district policy. 

At the same meeting, certificates were awarded to some school counselors in recognition of National School Counseling Week, which runs from Feb. 4-8.

Patricia Dolan told the board she is worried about students not wearing their school identification badges on buses at certain times.

"There are no student ID's being worn by children on trips," Dolan said. "God forbid there is an accident, it would be much easier for police to notify the proper people if they had the ID's. I know they're not allowed to wear them at shows, but they could just put them in their pockets.

School Board President Peter Zangari, Jr. said, "You have a very valid point."

Board member Joseph Longo than said the board should look at what the policy is an what would have to be changed.

Zangari said he would refer the question to the board's policy committee and get an answer about what can be done.

Later, Barbara Correnti, the District's Director of Student Personnel Services, presented a half dozen of the district's school counselors with certificates.

She cited the proclamation's words, saying counselors "help students reach their full potential...help students explore their abilities, strengths, interests and talents as these traits relate to career awareness (and) help students set realistic goals."

"I am very to recognize our fine counselors," Correnti said. 

Belleville Sentinel January 30, 2013 at 09:05 AM
And yet no mention of the fact that Belleville's Middle School students are now under-performing their counterparts in Camden prompting an on-site investigation by NJ DOE officials. Or how the recently announced acquisition of 62 BellaVista Ave to store BOE vehicles (in the wake of the School #1 debacle) is, according to official tax records, owned by an immediate relative of Bill Freda's wife.
Patricia Dolan January 30, 2013 at 12:14 PM
What the Patch left out of this article are the two boys from the high school who were acknowledged for helping an elderly woman who fell on the street, picked her up, took her home, called the police and then went to school. They did not tell anyone what they did. Mr. Pagano found out when the police came to the school regarding the incident. The Patch should have acknowledged the good deed that they two fine young men did.
Nelson Barrera February 01, 2013 at 04:35 PM
1st - Why are we spending money to park buses at a property owned by a relative of a board member? when we can park them at the currently location by school #1? 2nd- Was the patch advised of the good act these young men did? A very nice act on their part and rightly so should be recognized at the next board meeting!


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