Hearing for School 5 Principal is Next Week

Nazziola Will Appeal Decision Not to Return Him to School 5 Post

The ousted principal of School 5 will appeal the Board of Education’s decision not to reinstate him at a public hearing next week.

Gabriel Nazziola will appear before the board next Wednesday, July 13, at 5:30 pm at the library of Belleville High School, 100 Passaic Ave.  

For months, several School 5 parents have protested the board’s decision not to reinstate Nazziola, who had served as principal only since the start of the last school year. Parents have praised Nazziola’s leadership but have also expressed concern about the turnover at the School 5 principal position. In the last few years, there have been a succession of principals at the school, each one holding the job for just a year.

The board, following a recommendation by the Superintendent of Schools, Joseph Picardo, opted not to reinstate Nazziola, who served as a teacher for decades before becoming a principal. He was honored by the board a few months ago, along with several other district teachers, for his work in the classroom.

Citing personnel confidentiality rules, the board has repeatedly declined to say why Nazziola was not reinstated. Nazziola has also declined to discuss his removal from the post, citing rules barring district staff from speaking with the press without district permission. During next week’s hearing, however, Nazziola will be free to speak more candidly about the matter.

As with many types of hearings involving civil servants, Nazziola had the option of keeping his private or opening it up to the public. Nazziola told Patch a few months ago that he would likely hold his hearing publicly.

Nazziola “will have the opportunity to appeal the board’s decision” at the hearing, said board president Peter Zangari. As at other hearings, the employee may be represented by counsel or a union representative, Zangari added.  

carolynn mincin July 08, 2011 at 12:45 PM
Hmmm, let's see “Citing personnel confidentiality rules, the board has repeatedly declined to say why Nazziola was not reinstated.” How convenient for them and how typical. Imagine being able to do what you want for whatever reason and not giving reasons for those actions. That would actually encourage accountability. Of course you can fabricate reasons and say that a person let for health reasons although Mr. Petrillo certainly looked healthy at this retirement dinner. Weren't we told that he was retiring 6 weeks before school ended for "health reasons". (I'm not pointing fingers here you realize). So the choices are apparently to "fabricate reasons" about your actions or decline comment. But hey, that’s how they do things in Belleville.
mom July 08, 2011 at 11:28 PM
To the BOE, my opinion, which I have the RIGHT to express, is that the parents of Belleville are not happy with your decisions, or may the better wording is your decision making . The question that is actually the basis of everything is, Who is making these decisions? And honestly yes, you can all sit there and say that it is you collectively, but that is not what WE believe or hear. Your job as our elected BOE is to be the jury, a jury that comes to a decision bosed on factual information that is presented to you, not rumored information or political favoritism. I don't honestly believe that any of you have come to your decisions based on facts. I only hope that one day, decisions that will have to be made regarding you, your signicant others, your children or your friends, are not made the same way as you choose to make your decisions. Or then again, maybe I do hope that they are made that way so that you can feel the same anger and unfairness that you have made people feel. I'm glad that Mr. Nazziola has decided to have a public meeting, maybe we will hear some more truth as to who is making the decisions for our town, our schools, our children and for what payback.... Thank you Mr. Milo for printing this article, may we all come and hear another side of the stories that make up our town. Maybe the BOE will do the right thing for Belleville, but that lies in the hands of.......


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