Nutley School District to Receive $1 More in State Aid Than in Previous Year

Nutley School Superintendent says they planned on flat funding.

In a statement accompanying the announcement of state aid numbers, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's office said that every district would receive an increase in K-12 formula aid or maintain flat funding from the previous school year. 

Nutley technically received an increase, but really only technically, as it was an increase of a single dollar.

A school official indicated that the district would operate as if they received a flat maintainence of funding.

"We build our budget assuming flat funding, so this information has been planned for," Nutley Schools Superintendent Russell Lazovick said.

According to an announcement from the Governor's office, the Nutley school district will receive  $6,921,852 in K-12 total aid for 2013-2014, which they estimate as a 0% increase from the K-12 2012-2013 total aid of $6,921,851. 

Like many state school districts, Nutley's state aid was reduced in 2010, with township schools receiving about a third less from the state than in 2009. In 2011, Nutley schools received a 10.2-percent bump from 6,282,953 this year to 6,921,851.

The full numbers released on thursday by the state are below. 

K-12 2012-2013 Total Aid: $6,921,851
Equalized Aid: $4,348,391
Education Adequacy Aid: $0
Choice Aid: $0
Transportation Aid: $90,584
Special Education Aid: $2,412,726
Security Aid: $70,151
Under Adequacy Aid: $0
Supplemental Enrollment Growth Aid: $0
Adjustment Aid: $0
Additional Adjustment Aid: $0
K-12 2013-2014 Total Aid: $6,921,852
One Year Aid Change: $1
% Aid Change: 0 %


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