School 9 Enjoys 'Fun Day'

Nice Weather for Students to Be Out and About

It was the perfect weather to be out at play on Monday--not too warm, not too cold--just the right blend of sunshine and cool breeze for the children to enjoy. School 9 took advantage of this good weather to celebrate their Fun Day.

Students lined up for the giant slides and obstable courses, Krazy Kans and Bank Shot. Some busied themselves at bead art, making necklaces and bracelets. Others went for colorful tattoos, nail art and hair braiding.

Groups competed in Tag of War, while other kids tried their luck at guessing movies from tunes at the DJ's booth for some wonderful prizes.

Some members of the Belleville police force served free-flowing hotdogs and burgers, as they always do every year, according to school principal, Mrs. Nanette Rotonda.

Chief of Police Joseph Rotonda also dropped by.


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