School No. 10 Holds Second Super Bowl Assembly

Students answered trivia questions, performed songs and showed they could pick a winner

The second-annual Super Bowl Assembly kicked off Friday, Feb. 3, with sixth graders running through a banner after the school band played a version of Queen's “We Will Rock You.”

From there the students, many of whom wore the jerseys of their favorite players and teams, watched a short film about the eventual Super Bowl champion Giants and the New England Patriots prepared by student Justin Antero before several groups performed rap songs about multiplication.

Following a pair of fourth graders singing the “Thank You Song” in honor of our servicemen and women, sixth graders asked trivia questions about both teams that enabled students to win a small prize by answering the query correctly.

A poll of the student body revealed that 165 of the 193 students at School No. 10 knew how to pick a winner: the majority rooted for the Giants.


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